Client: Clue
Role: Proposed UI/IX & Visual Direction

Clue is a menstrual tracking app, an encyclopedia, a resource for health, and more. It is one of the most top-rated menstrual tracking app in the world. All data from clue is used for research and understanding of the female identified person. I wanted challenge myself to re-design the visual language of the site. I wanted to consider a new layout that would serve the purpose of the content better.

In order to make the website more content and user friendly, so a user like me can benefit from the information. So I began by studying the old brand and its intention in order to build better organizational and visual hierarchy.


The Original Interface:

1. Poor use of the platform
The website is primarily used a space to share articles and resources surrounding women’s health which is a great under utilization of the of the website . Because there is so much content on the site it is hard to know what a user is looking for. 

2. Poor information architecture
There isn’t a clear way things are organized. There is the main navigational organization, however within each section things can be navigated again from newest to oldest, or by all articles. The best way to navigate the website is through the footer navigation which serves the similar purposes to an index section in printed books.


3. Poor hierarchy of type an colour
Most information is on almost the same hierarchy. There are so many variations of type, that it’s almost like having no hierarchy at all. Because there is too much going on a viewer will ignore the information entirely. Although the illustrations are eye grabbing, there are too many competing illustrations that make it hard to find content to focus on, instead a user ends up jumping from place to place.

4. All pages look the same
All pages look the same and are simply and image and some text. 


Proposed Redesign

1. Make better use of the home page
The home page should have less information. Instead it should be an introduction to the company and it’s values. It should also encourage further explorations.

2. Organize the information in an user friendly way
Test information hierarchy with the different users, both women and men to see what they find the best way to organize the information is. 


3. Establish rules for the type and colour
Type hierarchy is a very important aspect of making this website aesthetically pleasing and more legible. Secondly will be the colour hierarchy in order to make sure the user doesn’t feel overwhelmed and doesn’t jump around.

4. Make the platform for useful to the user
The potential for this website is great. this can be a great resource for women. so the ultimate goal is to make the platform useful. 




Final Visual Design

Clue Now

Proposed Redesign