Book: Crystal Fuck Fluid Mechanics of Type



Essays discussing typography is a common read for most students embarking in Graphic Design, but how can 5 different opinions of type live inside on book? This is the question I asked myself before designing this book. After many attempts of trying to incorporate all the ideas discussed by the authors in their essays , I decided that the type needed to be something "bland", and the imagery needed to be as "flavourful" as possible. 

graph 1-01-01.png
graph 1-01.png
graph 1-01-01-01-01-01.png


Because imagery already has a lot of personality, it needed to be toned down to fit one visual language. Every imagery was treated in photoshop with halftone and then a colour was assigned to them to separate one essay from the other. This way they were still quiet but with a little flavour. 

graph 1-01-01-01-01.png


The use of typography in for this book needed to be as basic as possible. No attention or importance was to be brought to it, which follows some the ideas discussed in "The Crystal Goblet...". This was the reader can decide how they feel about each of the essays, whether it excites them, or makes them uninterested. Because the essays are so different from one another, assigning a personality to the type can affect the understanding of the ideas.