Our team was given the task of designing the identity for this  exhibit. All the work presented in this exhibit was about mapping a space so we took inspiration from there to design the graphic identity for the exhibit. We were working with teams of curators, copywriters and various other people in order to design an identity that could work for everyone.

Our concept was to map the exhibit itself as a form of identity. We began by outlining all the objects in the space and the walls. The labeling extended to all parts of the physical space. We labeled the outlets, the floors, the tables, the stools, and the trash cans. We were looking to be transparent and observant just as the mapping projects demanded us to be.

We not only designed the identity but we also installed every single piece of graphic. I think its very important to note that both the design and the installation of this exhibit was completed within a week.

arrows 2.png

Manifestation of the Identity

The work exhibited in this exhibit ranged from posters, to books, to on-site installations, to performative pieces. So finding an identity that worked to highlight them all was very important. The identity was subtle, allowing the audience to focus on the works presented but also present in every corner of the exhibit, mapping the space quietly.