Over—Booked is a series of interviews that can be found under Walker Art Center's "The Gradient" blog. The interviews are of artists and designers talking about their favorite books, and publications. 



The process of translating web to print was harder than what I had initially conceptualized. I began with the question why would someone want a printed copy of something that was readily available on the web? After asking myself this question several times throughout the process, I realized that it needed to be a colorurful collectable book that could be kept on a coffee table. It needed to be a visual conversation starter. This is why paper choice was very important. The cover and title pages are bright saturated colours, but the pages are made from 5 different tones of paper that have been randomized. So if mass produced no one person will have the same book as another. Every print will be unique in its paper.



The use of type had to be just as visually interesting as the colours. It needed to have the same playful voice so for the titles, I settled on a scripted display type and combined it with a basic san serif. A lot of the imagery in the interview were type based, so finding a display type, and a body type that compliment them was very important. It needed to distinguish itself from the imagery but not contrast it.