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Portfolio Slam


WhaT is Portfolio Slam?

Portfolio Slam is an open call for design talent from the global design and strategy firm frog. From visual to interactive, to design technology and strategy. Each year, they invite designers to show off their work, discuss the possibilities, and learn more about the opportunities at frog!


The Challenge

The challenge was to create an unique identity for the event. The identity was present on print, screen, and the space & way-finding. The organizing team created an unique playful voice for the workshop to help attendees relax and present their best selves to the NY frogs. 



Animations were made in order to further express the voice of the event. It's playful and unpredictable "slams" communicate how the event will challenge, and critique the participants while at the same time helping them build themselves back up. These animations were used to promote the event through social media and greet participants at the entrance to the event.