Clarendon Type Specimen


Client: Tasnima Tanzim
Role: Layout design
Photos: Tasnima Tanzim

The goal of this project was to completely immerse myself to a typeface. Learn about its history, origin, and the foundry it was first cut in. After extensive research on the given typeface I designed a specimen book, portraying the visual aspects of the font. The book included a list of the family, full character set, including cap, small cap, gure, punctuation, special glyphs and ligatures. Display sizes from 18 to 60 pts text settings of 9, 10 and 12 points, solid, 1 point, 2 point leading, with appropriate tracking values and appropriate line length captions where

necessary to provide names and point sizes and other measurements. The ultimate goal was to find a new appreciation for a typeface I had little knowledge about previously.

The layout of the publication considers the viewer’s physical interaction. It demands to be turned, flipped, and reconsidered on every spread.