Scavenging Hill


Client: Tasnima Tanzim
Role: Layout & Typography, Communication Design
Photos: Tasnima Tanzim

For a week, I sat in various locations on a hill in Providence, Rhode Island watching and taking notes on what makes this location interesting. It was a steep climb up that no was interested in making, but after spending quite some time there, I began to notice its quirks and interests. So I began designing an experience that would convince others in the climb up.

To give this space the voice of a gallery I created a museum-like workbook. Much like the ones given to children to encourage them to engage with the artworks and artifacts.

The challenge of an adult audience, meant this workbook had to have more visual interest.Therefore finding the right form was important. When opened completely the book becomes

the hill, which not only makes the book more interesting and engaging, but also allows the user to locate themselves in the environment. The workbook also provides questions that allow the user to look engage further and take notice in the beauty that exists on the hill.

Stickers are rewarding for most people, no matter what the age. It's playful, and allows for a more interactive way to engage with printed material.