Clarendon Type Specimen



The goal of this project was to completely immerse oneself to a typeface. Learn about its history, origin of its name ,and the foundry it was first cut in. After extensive research on the given typeface a student was asked to design a specimen book, portraying the visual aspects of the font. The book must include a list of family members, full character sets for each family member, including caps, small caps, gures, punctuation, special glyphs and ligatures. Display sizes from 18 to 60 pts text settings of 9, 10 and 12 points, solid, 1 point, 2 point leading, with appropriate tracking values and appropriate line length captions where necessary to provide names and point sizes and other measurements. The ultimate goal of this project was to find a new appreciation for a typeface the student had little knowledge about previously.



Black and Yellow was chosen with a lot of intent for this book. Clarendon and the colour black seemed to exist hand in hand. Both of them classic, standard yet somehow having a dominant presence. So it was chosen for most of the text. The yellow was a compliment to the black, much of the yellow is used to highlight titles and information. This balances the dominance with a touch of playfulness allowing the typeface to be approachable and comfortable. 


The specimen book was required to be 8 pages long, however the fold and read was left up to the designer. Clarendon to me, was a typeface that not many people pause to admire, so I wanted the form of the book to allow people to pause and appreciate every curve and weight of the letters. This is why I decided to change direction of the read once the book opens up into the middle spread. The viewer has to interact with the book turning the book on its profile to read the information. Once they are done, and ready to move to the main spread they have to change the direction again, this forces the viewer to interact with the information not only with their minds but with their whole bodies. It engages the audience and also allows them to pause so they can fully immerse themselves in the information in the book.