We Talk A Lot


The Logo

There is one parent logo that is to be used for the main commercial purposes. However each episode will have it’s own take on the logo and it will be drawn by the guest on the show. 

The guest’s writing will be taken and converted into a vector file which will then give way to an unique version of that logo every time. 

The only element of consistancy with the logo variation will be the written words “a podcast” at the bottom of the logo.


Podcast Cover

Every podcast cover screams for attention. Filled with bright colors and even brighter logos, they are always competing with one another. That is why the cover for "We Talk A Lot" was designed to feel like the odd one out. The cover is grey and therefore does not compete with the other covers around it. Because it's not colourful and eye-catching right away, it's set apart from the other apps, bringing attention to itself. 


Implementing the Identity on Social Media

The podcast's social media platforms like Facebook follows the same ideas of marketing that is used on the podcast app. Discarding traditional marketing concepts like making things colourful and eye-catching, sets it apart from other podcasts and because of it's rejection of traditional marketing concepts, it brings attention to itself.



Alongside appearing on the podcast app, and on social media platforms, the "We Talk A Lot" can be accessed through it's own website. The home page of the site houses the mission statement and list of the aired episodes. Upon clicking on an episode, the viewer will be taken to a separate page which will contain the recording of the episode alongside a profile on the person/persons interviewed. 



Gif sets were created to promote each season on social media and other online advertisement. They were also reproduced as stickers and handed out in order to promote the show!