Client: Jhal NYC
Role: Brand Direction, Visual Identity,
Web Design & Illustration

Jhal NYC is a social entrepreneurship venture built to empower the Bengali diaspora. They employ stay at home mothers and new immigrants and prepare them for paths they seek to transition to. They are trying to create creating a for marginalized groups.

Jhal NYC is an ongoing project. Please check back in for updated content.


Studying the Old Brand
The first step of this re-branding process was to study the old brand and identify opportunities for improvement. I started this by looking at their brand and which spaces it exists in currently, which happens to be their website. So the first step was to map the website and the flow of a visitor.

Apple TV Copy 2.png
flow 2.png

Notes from the Study:
-The brand only exists in the logo-type and colour, however it is not consistent when it comes to marketing.

- The website is one long scroll, which is limiting because the information is cramped. which leads to uninteresting flows.

- Type is inconsistent and does not have clear hierarchy of information.

- The colours are not consistent to the brand and there isn’t a clear direction on the type hierarchy as well.

- Graphic elements have no relation to the brand.

-The information distribution does not make consistent sense.


Initial Wireframes
These wireframes was the product of low—fidelity sketches and conversations with with the client. We chose to focus on the website as a platform for the brand to grow.


The Brand
The idea was to clean up the logotype, establish a consistent type and colour direction.

Artboard 9@2x.png

The UI
Using the wireframes I began working on the UI of the website remembering to establish consistent typography, brand colours. This created a brand voice and direction for Jhal.

*The developer is still working on the site*
all pages.png

Photography & Illustration
This direction is still in progress.